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Ningbo Ninghai Yifan CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company with more than 40 years' experience in the production of mechanical engraving machine. On the basis of present, Yifan has developed CNC engraving machine and CNC engraving and milling machine, and by using international advanced technology and parts, Yifan has developed and manufactured various models of YF-D160135, YF-D11090, YF-D8070, YF-D6060, YF-D6050 and YF-D505.

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  • Engraving machine
    • YF—D2516/2016
    • YF—D1615/1512
    • YF—D1190
    • YF—D870
    • YF—D660/650/550
    • YF-G660
    • YF-S660/650/550
    • YF-M260150
  • Engraving sample
    YIFAN engraving machine lettering renderings(Riverside、Lettering、Tombstone、Process relief).Yifan series CNC engraving machine high efficiency, low cost, widely used in various industries.
  • NC Introduction
    1.The overall use of rational design tools, simple and elegant appearance, while greatly reducing the overall footprint of the machine.2.Machine electrical system uses advanced design.
  • Order
    Welcome to the new and old customers to order our products, we will provide the best service.

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